The cost of moving home is at an all-time high, and with endless frustrating processes to complete before you even step foot in your new property, it’s not surprising that many people are thinking of better ways to upgrade their living space. If you’ve been put off of the idea of moving, but are still craving a change, then an extension to your current home could be the perfect solution. Extensions come in many forms, from modest single storey additions to grand multi-level projects. 

At JRD Homes, we create stunning bespoke extensions for all types of property. Our incredible teams are highly experienced and specialised in all areas of designing and building extensions, so whatever your vision, we can make it happen for you. From the moment that you first make an enquiry to the time when the last tool gets packed away, we will work with you to create something unique, special and beautiful, that will give your home a fresh beginning. We are far more than simply a building company. We will assist you with every step of the process, from design, to obtaining relevant permissions, exquisite custom carpentry and much more. Get in touch today to discuss your project.