Annex Extensions

An annex extension is a fantastic way of extending the footprint of your home, especially for people who want to portion off part of their existing property. With the ever-rising cost of care, it is becoming more and more popular to opt instead for an annex extension, which gives loved ones independence and privacy, but retains close proximity so that they can be assisted when it is required. Annex extensions are also gaining popularity for young people that wish to leave home but cannot yet afford to step onto the first rung of the property ladder.

An annex is a self-contained living area. They will have all the rooms needed to live comfortably, including a bedroom, a bathroom and kitchen. Annexes are deemed part of another house, rather than being an independent property, and can either be attached to the home or in a separate unit in the garden, and both the annex and the home will be occupied by a single family unit. 

There are a few different types of annexes available, and the best one for you really depends upon your intended usage. If the occupants of the annex need a little more care, if they were older parents, perhaps, then an attached annex extension would work well. It would give them privacy, independence and freedom, while still being close enough that you can step in and assist if needed. A detached annex in the garden would likely work better for young adults who want to have more freedom and independence from the main household. 

Annexes can be designed and built in a huge number of styles and materials, from traditional timber and brick to match the main home, or sleek glass and metal to suit modern tastes.

You will need to obtain permission for your annex extension. This is something that we can help you with, as we cover all architect plans, submissions for planning permission to local councils, and design services from our fully-qualified structural engineers.

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