Hip to gable loft conversions

A suitable loft style for properties with sloping side roofs

If your roof is short of space, with a hipped roof commonly found in semi-detached and bungalow homes from the mid 20th century, then a hip to gable loft conversion is the answer to your space-making needs. By removing the hipped end of the roof and replacing it with a gable end, we will considerably extend the headroom in your loft. By maximising the headroom to match the floor area, you’ll be unlocking the full potential of the space.

In most cases, hip to gable conversions will require planning permission, as you will visibly alter the front and/or side profile of your property. This is something that our fantastic team will discuss with you fully during the consultation and design part of the project. We’ll also ensure that the proper permissions are in place before starting the build.

Aside from being the most suitable style of loft conversion for properties with sloping side roofs, hip to gable extensions have a number of benefits. For starters, they are one of the best ways of adding to existing attic space, particularly when combined with a rear dormer, which is a popular addition to this style of conversion. The increased space that a hip to gable loft conversion will give you provides many possibilities in terms of interior design, as well as adding to the overall value of your home.

Hip to gable extensions are only suitable for homes with free sloping side roofs, and work especially well on detached and semi detached homes and bungalows. Here at JRD Homes, we are highly experienced in designing and installing hip to gable loft conversions. From planning through to construction, we put the utmost care and attention into your project, creating beautiful custom elements that are perfect for your property.

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